About Us

Louise & Jon Paul (founders) having a winter board meeting, Thin Air Culture style.

Thin Air Culture - The Brand

Thin Air Culture is a celebration of the active mountain lifestyle. We live in the mountains so that our lives can revolve around the healthy outdoor activities we love. We work to live, we don’t live to work. The importance of a healthy lifestyle is evidenced by the people we see when we’re in the mountains. Whether we’re up on the ski hill or ten miles in from the trailhead, we see friends and neighbors that have made the choice to live the Thin Air Culture. In these same places are weekend warriors sharing our passion for healthy outdoor pursuits, squeezing them in on weekends and holidays. The Thin Air Culture logo and designs have been created for each of us. Whether we’re wearing a design to show our passion for the activities we love, or using them as reminders to do what we love, Thin Air Culture mountain lifestyle designs are here for us! We hope you'll wear the Thin Air Culture logo with pride, and allow it to motivate you to do what you love.

Walking the walk

The essence of Thin Air Culture is to share the realization that the mountains provide the environment for the activities that bring passion, as well as physical and mental well being to our lives. We want to remind you to do what you love, and to take care of the environment that makes Thin Air Culture possible. "Love it, Respect it, Protect it". We try to lead by example with our lifestyle and our business ethics. From water based inks for our designs to environmentally friendly and ethically produced garments to eco-friendly shipping materials, we believe in making the right choices from start to finish. That is, after all, an integral part of Thin Air Culture.


The idea of Thin Air Culture grew out of a string of realizations and moments of clarity. These "bells going off" became obvious reminders of why we live the mountain lifestyle, and how important our Thin Air Culture is. We are sure you have your moments of clarity, your realizations. Our designs exist as a daily reminder of these enlightened moments. Wear them with pride, and use them to get yourself outside and up high. Do what you love in the mountains. Be happy. Be well.

Below are a few examples of our enlightening moments. Please send us some of yours to share.

Returning to my car in an empty parking lot, breathing hard and energized, after my workout...an hour of bump skiing on the way to work.

Releasing a beautiful 6-inch Brook Trout at dusk just down the street from my house during a quick hour of fly fishing while dinner cooks.

Taking a moment to appreciate the last evening light on a quick day-end bike ride, surrounded by pines and aspens, having climbed 2,000 vertical feet on old roads with a long downhill to the house ahead.

Seeing my wife's joy as she returns from a morning trail run.

Relaxing at the local coffee shop after a family walk to our favorite lake.

Enjoying a Sunday evening dinner at the beach and realizing you know everyone there.

We look forward to hearing some of your realizations, moments of clarity, Thin Air Culture experiences in the mountains!

Share your Thin Air Culture Experience with us.