Thin Air Culture T-shirt Summits Everest!


Summited Everest May 24th. Your shirt was so comfortable I wore it as my base Layer (under lots of clothes and down suit) to the summit and back."

Robin DeSota
May 28, 2019

When Robin told us he wanted one of our Eco Tri-blend t-shirts for "a trek in Asia", I thought that was pretty cool. He shared how much he believed in what we are doing with Thin Air Culture and how we're doing it. He wanted to support our message. "I might even be able to get a photo with Everest in the background if I hiked there". Needless to say, when he messaged the above quote to us on the 28th of this month, we were floored! Talk about Thin Air Culture! It doesn't get any thinner than at 29,029 feet. We are proud of the many months of effort, training and sacrifice Robin put in to recognize a lifelong dream. And, we're proud that Thin Air Culture was able to make him just a little bit more comfortable through his amazing effort.

Congratulations Robin!

If you'd like one of our Eco Tri-blend t-shirts to make you just a little more comfortable while you pursue your Thin Air Culture, head straight to our shop. We're here to help if you have questions!

Now go outside and do what you love!

The Thin Air Culture Team

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